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Residential Construction Safety Gear

Residential Construction Safety Gear

The construction process involves the participation of several people coming from various professions all working hand in hand with the goal of building a structure in their minds. As with each construction of a building is considered a feat to behold, the number one priority that every construction company and every professional involved in the construction process will be and should always be their safety. The construction area is no safe place to loiter around or keep your guard down. You have to be alert and observe the necessary safety precautions and take the safety measures to ensure that you’ll be away from injuring yourself or endangering others.

A common misconception that most people have nowadays is that residential construction has a lighter and lesser workload compared to industrial construction and commercial construction. While that is true in their own right when it comes to the sheer size of the structure that they’ll be making, the degree of safety observed in all branches of construction remains the same, whether it’s for industrial, for commercial or for residential construction. Safety is always considered as the most important aspect in construction. What are the safety gear and equipment used by contractors in residential construction? Here are just a few of them and their purposes in promoting safety.


Hardhats or helmets are mainstay equipment in any construction area. This is because falling debris isn’t anything new when it comes to residential construction. You have to keep your head protected from incurring any injuries like getting hit by stone, wood, metal or other materials that can potentially injure you or even put your life in grave danger. This especially true when people are working on higher ground like the roof or furnishing the chimney. Hardhats usually come in different colors like blue, yellow or orange. Wearing them while working in a construction site, whether big or small, is a requirement for all the workers.



Your hands are the ones handling most of the work in residential construction. As such, one needs to protect them from harm by equipping durable gloves but still easy to move around. There are different types of gloves used by contractors in residential construction. For example, electricians utilize gloves that are non-conductive so that they won’t be electrocuted while manipulating electrical wirings or switches with their hands. Thick leather gloves are also worn by carpenters to protect their hands from being cut or splintered by wood and other sharp materials.


You can never tell what will happen in a construction site. That is the very reason why eye protection is also necessary for the workers. Safety goggles are commonly equipped by workers to ensure that debris won’t fly into your eyes. Those who work on wood and other materials that are easily chipped wear goggles. Visit scrumpywillowandthesingingkettle for more……

Residential Construction Roofing Systems

Residential Construction Roofing Systems

There are several roofing systems that a home can utilize. In residential construction, contractors choose from the various designs of roofs which provide protection, functionality and an artistic design to the home. The roof is one of the most important parts of the home; as such more emphasis should be given to it. Here are some of the most common roofing systems for homes.

Bonnet Roof

The bonnet roof exhibits its similarities with both the pyramid roof and the hip roof. However, the main difference of the bonnet roof is that it has its two sides slope out at a particular angle. Viewing it from another side, you can see that the bonnet roof is kind of jagged or bent on its sides. One of the most common purposes of the bonnet roof is to have it cover a veranda or porch and provide shade.

Cross Gabled Roof

A cross gabled roof is one of the many types of gabled roofs that you can use in your home. Gabled roofs are best described with their triangular shapes as roofs for housing units placed usually on the front. What makes the cross gabled roof so unique is that it provides a home extra wings and shade which gives each section of the housing unit a triangular gabled roof.

Saltbox Roof

A saltbox roof is one of the most common favorites when it comes to the roofing systems that many people utilize in their homes. What makes the saltbox roof so popular is because it makes the exterior appearance of the house quite interesting. It may be because of the asymmetrical shape that it brings as a long pitched roof characterized by one side being short while the other side being very long. It is often that using a saltbox roof in one’s home brings one side as one storey in height while the other side can reach as much as two storey levels in height.


Skillion Roof

The skillion roof is a type of roofing system which utilizes a single sloping surface which is not common in most homes. The skillion roof is commonly found in resorts and exotic tourist locations as it provides natural ventilation to a structure. It’s characterized as a triangular roof that has a straight surface. It can also be used on one section of a home especially on multi-level homes to make unique shapes, designs and patterns for the housing unit’s exterior appearance.

Arched Roof

As its name implies, the arched roof is characterized by an arch or curve which adds an aesthetic sense to the structure of the home. It is usually used on one section of a housing unit and definitely adds an artistic appearance to the home. Click here for more……

The Beginnings of Speedway Racing

The Beginnings of Speedway Racing

Speedway racing has become one of the most exhilarating and action-packed motor sports in the industry. With its risky yet exciting rules and demands, it brings a brand new level of excitement for the participants and the audience alike. But how did speedway racing begin? How did it become the sport that it is today?


The history of speedway racing is one that’s clouded in mystery. There have been findings that speedway racing was done in Australia and the United States way before World War I as evidenced by small dirt tracks where the races were held. Don Johns was a familiar name in 1914 when speedway racing was still in its infancy. He rode the tracks by skillfully sliding and in the early 1920s, his style of turning and cornering became an inspiration for the US to develop the sport, Short Track Racing.

In the United Kingdom, the initial influence of speedway racing started in February 1928 with a meeting at High Beech though there have been claims that it happened in 1927 at Camberley, Surrey and Droylsden, Lancashire. The latter claims on Camberley differed as the races were conducted in a clockwise manner. The races conducted in Droylsden went with an anti-clockwise direction. However, the most accepted fact as to when speedway racing arrived in the UK was when Billy Galloway and Keith McKay introduced the sport.

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Both of them were later featured in the meeting at High Beech in 1928. The meeting established that speedway racing be participated with bikes without brakes and broadsiding on round corners was the primary way to turn. In April 1928, this art of turning was demonstrated by Colin Watson, Digger Pugh and Alf Medcalf in the UK. The Proto Speedway was held in Glasgow at the Olympic Stadium and the first ever meeting that were held by professionals were held at Celtic Park.

Speedway racing is typically conducted on a specifically built track. Though speedway tracks shared the venues with cars, the tracks were consistent as to how the event was held. The art of broadsiding, turning and drifting across the surface of the loose dirt became the mainstay discipline as to how participants engaged in speedway racing. The motorcycles in speedway racing were not equipped with brakes but this stayed even though there were some concerns with safety. However, this was resolved as the safety regulations approved speedway racing and the specialized motorcycles.  https://www.scrumpywillowandthesingingkettle.co.uk

Best Waterproof Wallet

I am trying to find the best waterproof wallet out there, and I decided to write this small article about it. Well, I will be writing about some of the best waterproof wallets out there, and you should be paying close attention to the things I have to tell you right here right now.

Slimfold MICRO Soft Shell

The Slimfold MICRO Soft Shell will allow you to hold a lot of coins and monies quickly and easily because this item has been designed with that end in mind. I truly love this item because it has the waterproof power that I have been seeking for a long time. You will manage to store a lot of cards right away, and that is just part of the fun.

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Maxpedition Micro Wallet

The Maxpedition Micro Wallet is the minimalist wallet that you have been seeking for a long time. It has a lot of compartments that you can use to store a wide array of cards and many other things. Storing credit cards and many other items has never been easier these days, and the product has the resistance that you love.

Mpow® Waterproof Case

The Mpow® Waterproof Case is your best companion under water because the item has all you need to keep you having fun that way. If you are a scuba diver, the Mpow® Waterproof Case will be your best friend because this bag will give you the storing capacity you need to take your enjoyment to the next level with your smartphone right away.

These are some of the best waterproof wallets out there, and I hope that you have had a lot of fun reading this small article. Remember also that these wallets will give your items that protection from water that you have to get today too. Therefore, purchase one of these items today. Click here to read more..…

5 Places To Visit in Ottawa At Evening Time

One of the many things that both locals and tourists admire about the capital city of Canada is its platter of culture that’s embedded in the centre. The plethora of events and activities they can see and do in the hub showcases how enriching the country is to the everyone that’s enthralled in the lifestyle that’s settled there.

Not only does Ottawa have a variety of landmarks that both locals and tourists can visit in the day time, but also the assortment of events on land and water that’s open for anyone to experience at night time. If you’re thinking about booking some time off work to go visit the thriving city in Ontario, or you’ve just settled down there and want to see how much culture it shows off when you’re free in the evening, these 5 places are ones that you should cross off your travel bucket list.

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Canadian Museum Of Nature – The artefacts that are exhibited in the museum includes a variety of dinosaur fossils and Canadian wildlife. On the last Friday of every month, from November to August, the venue hosts a Nature Nocturne event where it stays open pass the usual hours and offers drinks and talks for many history hobbyists congregate together for a pleasant evening.

National Arts Centre – With over 600 performances conducted on 4 stages every year, the National Arts Centre hosts a platter of shows that Canadian artists and art organisations create to display the creativity and talent that lies in the country. The venue will always have a live performance every night, so you can be sure that there won’t a night where they won’t have something playing there.

Casino Du Lac-Leamy – For those that enjoy high quality food, lively events, and casino gaming, the Casino Du Lac-Leamy provides everyone with 2000 of the best slot machines and 60 gaming tables where the player can bet their stakes and make some winnings. Some of the newest slot games that you’d find on sites like Easy Slots are also hosted at the venue.

Lady Dive Amphibiud – As well as serving visitors a number of tours at daytime, the Lady Dive Amphibiud hosts the Colossal Night Tour which runs from June to September, where they tell the stories, legends, and anecdotes about the magical city of Ottawa to anyone that wants to learn more about the capital to listen to.

Ottawa Little Theatre – If there’s one place that you have to go and visit before you leave the capital city, it would be the Ottawa Little Theatre. It’s the oldest community theatres in the country and it has been around since the 1900s. From the time it first opened to the present day, the venue has been hosting comedy, mystery, and drama shows that attract audiences with different interests.

There’s so much to do and see in the enthralling city in Ontario when the sun goes down and the moon goes up. Therefore, if you’re planning to book a holiday, or just looking to see what it has to offer, make sure that you get the chance to go and see these 5 places in Ottawa at evening time.

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