Residential Construction Roofing Systems

There are several roofing systems that a home can utilize. In residential construction, contractors choose from the various designs of roofs which provide protection, functionality and an artistic design to the home. The roof is one of the most important parts of the home; as such more emphasis should be given to it. Here are some of the most common roofing systems for homes.

Bonnet Roof

The bonnet roof exhibits its similarities with both the pyramid roof and the hip roof. However, the main difference of the bonnet roof is that it has its two sides slope out at a particular angle. Viewing it from another side, you can see that the bonnet roof is kind of jagged or bent on its sides. One of the most common purposes of the bonnet roof is to have it cover a veranda or porch and provide shade.

Cross Gabled Roof

A cross gabled roof is one of the many types of gabled roofs that you can use in your home. Gabled roofs are best described with their triangular shapes as roofs for housing units placed usually on the front. What makes the cross gabled roof so unique is that it provides a home extra wings and shade which gives each section of the housing unit a triangular gabled roof.

Saltbox Roof

A saltbox roof is one of the most common favorites when it comes to the roofing systems that many people utilize in their homes. What makes the saltbox roof so popular is because it makes the exterior appearance of the house quite interesting. It may be because of the asymmetrical shape that it brings as a long pitched roof characterized by one side being short while the other side being very long. It is often that using a saltbox roof in one’s home brings one side as one storey in height while the other side can reach as much as two storey levels in height.


Skillion Roof

The skillion roof is a type of roofing system which utilizes a single sloping surface which is not common in most homes. The skillion roof is commonly found in resorts and exotic tourist locations as it provides natural ventilation to a structure. It’s characterized as a triangular roof that has a straight surface. It can also be used on one section of a home especially on multi-level homes to make unique shapes, designs and patterns for the housing unit’s exterior appearance.

Arched Roof

As its name implies, the arched roof is characterized by an arch or curve which adds an aesthetic sense to the structure of the home. It is usually used on one section of a housing unit and definitely adds an artistic appearance to the home. Click here for more