Residential Construction Safety Gear

The construction process involves the participation of several people coming from various professions all working hand in hand with the goal of building a structure in their minds. As with each construction of a building is considered a feat to behold, the number one priority that every construction company and every professional involved in the construction process will be and should always be their safety. The construction area is no safe place to loiter around or keep your guard down. You have to be alert and observe the necessary safety precautions and take the safety measures to ensure that you’ll be away from injuring yourself or endangering others.

A common misconception that most people have nowadays is that residential construction has a lighter and lesser workload compared to industrial construction and commercial construction. While that is true in their own right when it comes to the sheer size of the structure that they’ll be making, the degree of safety observed in all branches of construction remains the same, whether it’s for industrial, for commercial or for residential construction. Safety is always considered as the most important aspect in construction. What are the safety gear and equipment used by contractors in residential construction? Here are just a few of them and their purposes in promoting safety.


Hardhats or helmets are mainstay equipment in any construction area. This is because falling debris isn’t anything new when it comes to residential construction. You have to keep your head protected from incurring any injuries like getting hit by stone, wood, metal or other materials that can potentially injure you or even put your life in grave danger. This especially true when people are working on higher ground like the roof or furnishing the chimney. Hardhats usually come in different colors like blue, yellow or orange. Wearing them while working in a construction site, whether big or small, is a requirement for all the workers.



Your hands are the ones handling most of the work in residential construction. As such, one needs to protect them from harm by equipping durable gloves but still easy to move around. There are different types of gloves used by contractors in residential construction. For example, electricians utilize gloves that are non-conductive so that they won’t be electrocuted while manipulating electrical wirings or switches with their hands. Thick leather gloves are also worn by carpenters to protect their hands from being cut or splintered by wood and other sharp materials.


You can never tell what will happen in a construction site. That is the very reason why eye protection is also necessary for the workers. Safety goggles are commonly equipped by workers to ensure that debris won’t fly into your eyes. Those who work on wood and other materials that are easily chipped wear goggles. Visit scrumpywillowandthesingingkettle for more